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Garlic Grillhouse

Traditional dishes at a magical place

Garlic Grill House is a modern view of the Greek traditional yeeros place that creates authentic recipes, based on fresh and pure ingredients with daily handmade preparations in order to achieve the best quality.

Garlic Greek House uses fresh Greek meat, local olive of Samos, Greek yogurt, handmade pies and fresh fries.
Taste juicy pork or sheep chops, grilled chicken and kebab with yogurt sauce with spicy tomato sauce.. Tasty wrapped up meals with handmade pies or grilled bread, tasty yeeros, souvlaki, kebab, beef burgers, or grilled vegetables and fresh fried potatoes.

Find out many vegan options such as crispy grilled vegetable souvlaki with garlic and crème balsamic, a crispy vegetable burger or vegan cheese balls
Fresh chopped salads such as an exclusive suggestion with lettuce, cucumber, marinated mushrooms in Greek olive oil, grilled Chios's cheese, broken nuts and balsamic sauce.

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