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Hygge Coffee shop and brunch

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Hygge is a feeling and that is what makes it special. It all started from our love for coffee. Then by chance a book called Hygge came to our hands along with its philosophy and thus it all began. In the summer of 2020 we took the innitiative to open our shop at the heart of Pythagoreio of Samos hoping to make coffees that create vivid feelings along with the feeling of companionship as you drink it in a friendly, cozy and familiar enviroment.

Hygge is filled with colours, aromas and tastes and created with a lot of passion. Cozy and fresh, you may visit in the morning hours and try our unique coffee and handmade snacks, traditional pies or an exquisite brunch. Hygge wi keep you company since the morning hours till nightfall with signature cocktails, local wines and beers. Each detail has a meaning due to our love in creating it. So coffee lovers. We are expecting all of you.

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